Achterberg liederen (2009)

The Achterberg liederen are a collection of three miniature songs on poems taken from the poetry volume Stof (1946) by the Dutch poet Gerrit Achterberg (1905-1962). The poems deal, one way or another, with the Orpheus theme. The songs are scored for baritone and violoncello. Alongside traditional notation, the Achterberg liederen make extensive use of ‘senza misura’ notation and rests of relative durations.

The repetitive and variable ‘lamento’ phrase in the cello part is the most characteristic feature of the first song. The sober and fragmented vocal lines are mostly accompanied by fragile harmonics. Fast ‘senza tempo’ played scales in the cello part and a concise melodic cell, which is used in both the instrumental and vocal part, are the main characteristics of the second song. Repetitive accompaniment figures, canon technique and short expressive cello phrases are the main elements which make up the final song. The pitch structures used in these three songs have diatonic and modal as well as chromatic characteristics.




    ca. 8’


    Gerrit Achterberg
Score sample