Alles schmeckt nach Abschied (2016)

On 23 November 1963, the East German writer Brigitte Reimann (1933-1973) started working on her novel Franziska Linkerhand. Her goal was to write a book full of anger and sadness with a terrible ending. Due to political obstruction, defamation and personal misfortunes, Reimann was forced to leave her novel unfinished.

Alles schmeckt nach Abschied is a fragmentary and melancholic portrait of a passionate, restless, sincere and uncompromising woman trying to cope with her fate. The strong determination to write without political and moral constraint might be considered the common thread throughout the work. A piece about going against the grain and having to let go.

The 26 movements of the composition are structured in three parts. Each part deals with a particular obstacle Reimann was faced with while working on her novel. The three obstacles are politics, love and illness. Images depicting a specific mood or scene precede the three parts. The text fragments used are taken from Reimann's diaries from 1968-1970 and the letters she wrote to her closest friend Irmgard Weinhofen in 1972.

Alles schmeckt nach Abschied was written for Duo Songways: Julia Oesch (mezzo-soprano) and Jens Barnieck (piano).




    ca. 33’

Text fragments

    Brigitte Reimann

Score sample