Beckett Songs (2012)

The Beckett Songs are a collection of five miniature songs for soprano and piano on poems by the Irish playwright, novelist and poet Samuel Beckett (1906-1989). The collection consists of the following titles:

       I.  Dieppe
      II.  -
     III.  Roundelay
     IV.  Là
      V.  Brief Dream

The poems deal with the main theme in all of Beckett's work: the absurdity of human existence. His view on our existential predicament is bleak and pessimistic. Yet, he always shows a kind of stubborn resilience or even a glimpse of hope.

The chosen poems, both in English and French, have certain formalistic and minimalistic qualities, which have been the main source of guidance for the musical settings.



    ca. 12’

    Samuel Beckett
Score sample