Girl Being a Sculpture (2018)

Girl Being a Sculpture is a two-part portrait of the American painter and sculptor Eva Hesse (1936-1970). The text fragments used in the work are derived from Hesse's diaries and an interview in Artforum magazine published just before her death in May 1970.

Part I depicts Hesse's troubled mind and her lifelong struggle with self-doubt, fear and loneliness. The music is highly fragmented with frequent changes of tempo, character and texture. Repetition of phrases and gestures creates structural coherence on multiple levels.

Part II deals with Hesse's personal view on the inseparability of art and life. The artist is shown as a totally committed person giving a contribution. Here, the music appears more static and mainly focuses on several harmonic configurations.

Girl Being a Sculpture was written for Wilma Wever.

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    ca. 12’

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    Eva Hesse

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