News [04]
September 2014 | The Susan Sontag Project
After finishing Herzzeit, a piece based on Ingeborg Bachmann’s letters to Paul Celan, Jan-Willem van Herpen is now working on a new composition for female voice and piano for the American mezzo-soprano Sarah Ellena Hogrefe. The journals of the American novelist, essayist, critic, playwright, filmmaker and human rights activist Susan Sontag (1933-2004) will be the starting point of this new project. 
Sontag's journals give a closer look into the private mind of an iconic public figure. The author, who had a lifelong avidity for intellectual and cultural experience, was convinced about the seriousness of art. She found great joy in writing, but she also struggled with love and loneliness. Out of fragments from these journals, an intimate and poetic portrait will be constructed. The progress of the compositional process can be followed on the project's Facebook page.