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February 2016 | Regarding Brigitte Reimann
In 1963, the East German writer Brigitte Reimann (1933-1973) started working on her unfinished novel Franziska Linkerhand. Despite political obstruction and severe personal misfortunes, Reimann was very determined to write the novel she felt she needed to write. For his current project, Jan-Willem van Herpen will be taking a close look at the last five years of Reimann 's life.  
The starting point of the exploration involves Reimann's diaries and the letters to her closest friend Irmgard Weinhofen. From these text sources, a fragmentary portrait will be constructed of a woman who was passionate, restless, sincere and uncompromising. A piece about going against the grain and having to let go. The work will be written for Duo Songways: Julia Oesch (mezzo-soprano) and Jens Barnieck (piano).