News [09]
May 2018 | Concerning Eva Hesse
For the American painter and sculptor Eva Hesse (1936-1970), art and life were inseparable. She considered an artist a totally committed person giving a contribution. During the mid-60’s, Hesse matured as an artist and developed a highly personal style. She always strived for the extreme; a kind of non-art, expressing the total absurdity of life. In Hesse’s diaries, one can trace her lifelong struggle with self-doubt, fear and loneliness. 
For his current project, Jan-Willem van Herpen is aiming to write an intimate and poetic portrait of Eva Hesse for soprano and piano. The piece will be based on small text fragments from her diaries and an interview in Artforum magazine published just before her death in May 1970. The work will be written for the Dutch-American soprano Wilma Wever.