The Lonely Mind (2013)

The English writer Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) kept a diary from 1915 until four days before her death. She used her diary not only to record daily events, but also to contemplate life, her often shifting mental state and her creative writing process.

The Lonely Mind is a collection of 13 settings of small fragments from Virginia Woolf's diary. All diary fragments are taken from the 1920-1930 period and arranged in a non-linear manner. The settings function as musical vignettes or images, which show glimpses of both dark and lighter aspects of her identity.

In the composition, an intimate and melancholic portrait is gradually revealed. The Lonely Mind may be considered an attempt to capture and crystallize parts of an inner landscape; a piece about the oddity of life, loneliness, writing and time's passing.

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    Virginia Woolf

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